Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is has become our most important program. Many of the local Rohingya families have lost their source of income, as wage earners have become unemployed. Most Rohingya work in service or labor jobs and make minimum wage. May don’t have any saving and live paycheck to paycheck. This program has helped unemployed individuals apply for unemployment benefits, welfare benefits, and find access to rent assistance and food banks.

Because of the language barrier the Rohingya face, this program is critical in helping them navigate life in the US. Two Rohingya caseworkers, one fulltime and one part-time, help with everyday problems like translation of mail, filling out SNAP and Medicaid forms, communicating with insurance, schools, and utility companies, interpreting for doctors and schools, help finding jobs, and providing transportation when necessary. The RCC averages 120 different cases a month and about 5 new job placements a month.

The RCC relies heavily on donations to fund this program. RCC receives less than half of its annual budget from grants. The rest comes from private donors such as yourself. Please donate to this program to allow us to offer these services to those who need them.

Monthly program cost: $4500.  Cost to help one individual: $36.