RCC citizenship classes and esl

Many in the Rohingya community have reached the 5-year mark and are eager to apply for citizenship. In order to pass the citizenship exam, they have to speak, read, and write English. RCC’s education director has developed a program specifically to address their style of learning, and her students have been dedicated, enthusiastic, and hard working. Some students need ESL before they are ready to join the Citizenship class. In order for these students to attend, RCC provides childcare for their young children. Currently there are 20 Citizenship students and 20 ESL students.

The RCC relies heavily on donations to fund this program. RCC receives less than half of its annual budget from grants. The rest comes from private donors such as yourself. Please donate to this program to allow us to offer these services to those who need them.

Monthly program cost: $3000. Cost to sponsor a student for one year: $720.