These are internships currently available at RCC. Please contact if interested.

Because of the language barrier the Rohingya face, this program is critical in helping them navigate life in the US in languages they understand. Our Case Managers speak a total of eight languages. While language is an important aspect of this program, it is very possible to be a Case Management intern as an English speaker.

Most adults in the community are pre-literate and did not have the opportunity to go to school before coming to the US. It is often that adult students are in class for the first time in RCC’s ESL class. Many ESL classes in the area are too advanced for the Rohingya population so students were unable to succeed. At RCC, we ensure we are able to meet students where they need to be met to teach English. In Burma, the Rohingya were denied citizenship, forced to be stateless. It is important that resettled Rohingya refugees are able to become US citizens.

As it was illegal for the Rohingya to attend school in Burma, many parents in the community are pre-literate and have limited experience in formal education. RCC offers homework help and assistance in studying to help Rohingya youth succeed in school through outside help.

RCC is the West Ridge community lead for the Healthy Chicago Equity Zoning initiative through Healthy Chicago 2025. This is a program set by the City of Chicago to strengthen community capacity, improve systems of care, further health in underserved neighborhoods, and transform policies and processes to foster anti-racist, multicultural systems.