RCC held a its first anniversary celebration

RCC held its first anniversary celebration. Over 300 people attended. Several prominent people spoke on the effect RCC has had on the community. Volunteers were honoured.

On April 22, 2017, RCC held its one year anniversary. The attendance was spectacular with volunteers, members of the community, and leaders filling the center. Several scholars such as Azeem Ibrahim were present and spoke on current events surrounding the Rohingya community.

RCC members reflected at the incredible progress the Center has made in the span of a year and the support it has garnered from everyone. The board members and the many volunteers were recognized for their efforts. Many of the staff from the Zakat Foundation, which funds RCC, were present.

A documentary team from Direct TV was there to capture scenes from the celebration for a documentary on the Rohingya community currently in production. Delicious Rohingya food was served to all present and a festive time was had by all.