Case Management

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Case Management

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Case Management has become our most important program. Many of the local Rohingya families lost their source of income, as wage earners have become unemployed. Most Rohingya work in service or labor jobs and make minimum wage. This program has helped unemployed individuals apply for unemployment benefits, welfare benefits, and find access to rent assistance and food banks.

Our Case Managers work with public benefits, such as SNAP/food stamps, cash assistance, or medicaid/medicare. They also assist with workforce development, job placement, unemployment, rental assistance, legal issues, and sorting mail. In 2022, our Case Managers serviced 6,592 cases, successfully obtained rental assistance for 150 individuals/families, and assisted 153 individuals through employment services.

Together our Case Managers speak eight different languages and provide services to match the client’s language abilities. Their work is mainly provided in Rohingya, Malay, and Burmese. By being able to explain the different issues in languages the community fully understands, they learn how to help themselves.

There is a lack of trained and reliable interpreters outside of the community. 80% of our staff speak the languages needed for interpreting various subject matters, including but not limited to medical issues, collaborating with schools, landlord communications, insurance, and legal issues. The languages spoken at RCC are English, Rohingya, Bengali, Burmese, Hindi, Malay, Tamil, Thai, and Urdu. This allows us to help others who live in the surrounding area.