After-school tutors

Sponsor Iftar Dinners
RCC is also in need to people to sponsor Iftar dinners at our center. We will be holding Iftar daily after Maghrib prayer. The cost of each night is $500.

Please feel free to come by any day of Ramadan to RCC to break your fast.

Iftar Donations

General Volunteer

Local Rohingya Community
RCC is collecting Zakat monies this Ramadan to be distributed locallyin Chicago. The monies would be given to eligible members of the localRohingya community. They may also be used towards RCC Zakat eligibleexpenses, namely the salaries for our two Quran teachers.

We have daily Quran and Arabic classes for Rohingya children aged 5-12 at the Center. There is no overhead and 100% of funds will be distributed.

Please note that RCC is not collecting Zakat to be sent overseas.

Community Zakat

If you decide to mail a check, please specify the purpose of the donation on the check.

RCC is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization and your donation is tax exempt.
Please email us at with any questions.