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Empower Rohingya Refugees This Ramadan

This Ramadan, the Rohingya Culture Center of Chicago is proud to offer you a profound opportunity to make an impact through the power of your Zakat. Together, let’s empower Rohingya refugees: those in Chicago rebuilding their lives, and those in Bangladesh facing immense hardship.

Why Donate Your Zakat?

Zakat isn’t just about fulfilling a duty; it’s about sharing blessings and transforming lives. By donating your Zakat to the Rohingya Culture Center of Chicago, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of Rohingya refugees, both locally in Chicago and internationally in Bangladesh.

Support Rohingya Refugees in Chicago

At the Rohingya Culture Center of Chicago, we are dedicated to supporting Rohingya refugees in becoming active citizens with access to education and employment. Your Zakat contributions can directly empower Rohingya families, ensuring they receive the support they need, including ESL classes, case management, academic support, and citizenship classes, to rebuild their lives.

Urgent Need in Bangladesh: RCC in support of USA for UNHCR

Nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees live in overcrowded camps in Bangladesh, with many still struggling after Cyclone Mocha. 75% of them are women and children, desperately needing your support. In support of USA for UNHCR, your Zakat donations can directly benefit the most vulnerable Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Your Impact Matters

Zakat allocated to USA for UNHCR directly fuels cash assistance programs in Bangladesh, where nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees face immense hardship.

Rohingya Cultural Center is collecting Zakat in support of international and domestic programs in 2024. Zakat allocated for international distribution will be facilitated through USA for UNHCR.

Your contribution ensures aid reaches the most vulnerable refugees and internally displaced families, offering vital support during times of crisis.

Take Action Today

Let’s stand together and ease the lives of Rohingya refugees. Donate your Zakat today and be part of the solution.